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It seems like every week there’s some kind of litigation in progress with a dealer somewhere. Included between steal customer information so that salespeople can get rich for rob the lenders who finance their transactions directly, some of them are audacious. Take two Nissan dealerships in Arizona, for example. Automotive News reports that dealers must pay customers nearly half a million dollars in restitution after using low prices to lure customers in, then forcing them to pay for add-ons.

The two Phoesnox dealerships in the region, ABC-Nissan and Pinnacle Nissan both are owned by Berkshire Hathaway Automotive. The scam: The Arizona Attorney General’s Office alleges that dealerships advertise low-priced cars. Low enough for customers to enter. Once there, the dealer would tell customers that they would not honor the prices. they announced. Instead, dealers were telling customers they would have to buy bullshit add-ons to get the car at that price.

Here’s more:

…ABC and Pinnacle Nissan engaged in false advertising when they advertised low vehicle prices online, but refused to sell those vehicles at the advertised prices. The AGO alleges that ABC and Pinnacle Nissan are telling consumers they need to purchase certain “additional” accessories, such as nitrogen in the tires, exterior protective cladding, door edge guards, door or window tint. These additional accessories raised the price of the vehicle above the advertised sale price.

Dealers deny the allegations of course. They claim the props were optional, except the evidence indicates otherwise. Even though customers were asking for add-ons to be removed, dealers found excuses. From judgement:

In some cases, employees informed the consumer that certain additional accessories had already been installed on the vehicle and could not be removed, thus raising the price of the vehicle above the advertised price. In other cases, Pinnacle employees informed consumers that they could not remove the extra accessories because if they removed the extra accessories for one person, they would have to remove the extra accessories for everyone.

Now the dealers have to pay for the violaArizona State law. Final judgment is pending approval, but the two dealers will have to pay more than $500,000 in restitution and costs to Arizona consumers. The judgment also orders dealers to be honest and transparent about pricing and add-ons. It’s sad that he has to take a court order to compel a company to behave in the right way. But greed will do that to you.


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