Great Canadian Oil Change’s business model “already eliminates many of these pain points,” said Lisa Culp, director of Canadian franchise operations for Valvoline, owner of the company. “We have always been a walk-in, walk-in service. “

This paid off during the pandemic despite the fact that dealers were allowed to keep their service departments open, Culp said. “We were able to gain new customers during the pandemic, and we hope they will stay with us because of what they saw.”

Volkswagen Canada attributes the success of its service to a comprehensive dealer training program on VW’s service standards, said Swen Wucherpfennig, executive vice president of group after-sales service. Customer service is the most important facet in generating loyal customers, he said.

“I really think the aftermarket has the biggest responsibility in terms of customer loyalty. “

With the sales process complete in about an hour, he said, the next five to ten years of ownership are when a brand’s identity makes the biggest impression on consumers.

“This is when the customer is really exposed to positive or negative experiences, and the customer can easily understand and define if the brand is the brand they love,” Wucherpfennig said. “So this satisfaction is much more important than the satisfaction during the sales process. “

As for the brands that haven’t done well, JD Power’s Ney bit his tongue.

“I generally try to avoid making public comments on brands at the bottom of the list,” he said. Nonetheless, Ney had a piece of advice: As a general rule, brands looking to improve their reputation should seriously consider maintaining the streamlined service approach spawned by the pandemic.

“There are things in the process that don’t add much value to the consumer, like standing in line to wait to pay a cashier,” Ney said. “It’s pretty easy today to do away with that completely.

“A brand that demands less of my involvement as a customer is going to find a very solid audience. “


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