An omnichannel communication strategy is essential for a customer to feel listened to and valued. When your dealership’s service agent talks to a customer, the last thing the customer wants is to be put on hold, have their call transferred, or feel ignored. Booking a service appointment, answering a question about a product, or renting a car for a customer should be immediate, regardless of the preferred communication channel used.

A successful business development strategy is about delivering a superior customer experience, in a professional and consistent manner, across your business. A dealer’s after-sales service is ideally placed to continue fostering relationships and generating new revenue-generating opportunities due to the frequency of their interactions with customers.

Cultivating your service development strategy is not complicated and involves three steps:

1. Hire wisely. Service Business Development Officers should be pleasant, positive, detail-oriented, comfortable learning new technologies, and goal-oriented. It is less important to know what industry they come from and more important that they have a sincere desire to help others. Above all, they must know how to listen.

2. Train constantly. When it comes time to plan training, be sure to include your business development service officers. These employees should be included in any training on personal development, client management and conflict resolution, as well as training on internal processes. Identify the metrics to continue their success and practice these metrics.

3. Promote internally. Service Business Development Officers should be viewed as equal partners in the success of a dealership’s service team. This is not an entry level position. Your store culture must respect and promote (recognize?) Their contribution to results. Create clear career growth opportunities to attract and retain talent.


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