North Park Mazda in San Antonio became the last Mazda dealership in the United States to modernize its facilities to meet the new “Retail Evolution” design theme that the automaker launched in 2014.

North Park was recently honored by Mazda North American Operations as the 200th Mazda dealership in the country to build or renovate its store to follow the new design concept to create what Mazda calls “a premium shopping experience.” .

The 36,000 square foot facility includes a retail accessories store and refreshment coffee bar, as well as specially designed illuminated murals to complement the new modern facility.

The redesigned building at 9333 San Pedro features a high-end design in clean black and white with chrome Mazda signage, accented by warm tones of wood and metal in the showroom.

Organized with optimized use of space, these new Mazda Retail Evolution facilities make generous use of glass, allowing customers a seamless view of dealership operations.

North Park Mazda General Manager John Kahlig said his company is excited to be a part of this new dealership design philosophy that Mazda has rolled out with the help of California-based ChangeUp, Inc.

“It’s an open-air concept with transparency wherever the customer goes,” Kahlig said. “All of the desks are glass, and there is a wall of glass open to the service departments so customers can see the people working on their cars.”

The renovations to the concession took about six months and special attention was paid to every aspect of the facility, he said.

The dealership’s improved design features a premium open-concept interior that mirrors Mazda’s premium SUV and crossover lineup.

Mazda North Park

“We started construction on February 1 just as the ice storm hit,” Kahlig said. “It was a difficult start. But in fact, we were closed that week.

During construction, “We operated in trailers up front for about six months,” he said. “We finished around August 3, when we moved into the new building. It’s a very, very good design.

The change is evident throughout the establishment.

“We improved everything we could,” Kahlig said. “We even have new chairs with leather backs. We did everything possible. We have redone our two service departments in the back and installed new equipment. And we added four more service bays.

“With a lot of people coming from out of state, we had to increase our facilities. “

North Park Mazda has taken the concept of transparency in sales and service operations to a whole new level.

The dealership is now even shooting a video of the technician inspecting each customer’s car, Kahlig said. “We send them a short video of their car by text message. Everything is transparent and straightforward.

North Park Mazda has won the JD Power Dealer of Excellence award three years in a row and has won 13 Mazda President’s Awards, Kahlig said.

The dealership is ready to build on its already strong sales and service with the updated facilities, and looks forward to Mazda’s launch of five new or significantly redesigned vehicles that will contribute to the automaker’s growing success in North America. .

Dealerships are a key factor in sustaining this success, Mazda says.

“The dealership is, in many cases, the only place where our customers interact with the brand in a consistent manner,” said Masahiro Moro, president and CEO of North American operations at Mazda.

“As Mazda continues to evolve – from our vehicles to our employees – the dealership experience is an important area of ​​focus to ensure our customers have a great experience with Mazda, in a way that remains consistent. through our brand. “

North Park Mazda is part of the Kahlig Auto group.

Founded in 1982, the Kahlig Auto Group is San Antonio’s largest auto retailer. It includes the North Park and Bluebonnet dealers in San Antonio, New Braunfels, Castroville and San Juan, Texas.

Dealers offer brands ranging from luxury to economy, including not only Mazda, but also Lexus, Lincoln, Audi, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Ford, Jeep / Dodge / Ram, Toyota and Subaru.


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