Several officers and community members were recently honored by the Chula Vista Police Department at a ceremony to recognize those who went above and beyond in 2021, providing vital services in several cases.

Officers Cody O’Riley and Sheena Ramirez, who saved a distraught man from ending his own life while putting his own life in danger, received the Life Saving Award; PERT Clinician Linda Dalton, Officer Manny Padilla and Lt. Rusty Rea, who rescued a driver with a medical emergency that caused his car to crash and burst into flames; Officer Ronnie Haus, Starbucks barista Kass Hernandez and Southwestern College officer David Felix for giving CPR to a man with a medical emergency at a Starbucks near Southwestern College. Hernandez also received a Citizen Exceptional Service award.

Another Outstanding Citizen Service Award went to business owner Michel Lombrozo, victim of a theft of valuable sports cards. He began his own investigation, combing through security footage, finding photos of the thief and distributing them to other sports memorabilia dealers in the area. Lombrozo shared this information and more with Chula Vista Police. The thief was eventually arrested by Carlsbad police in coordination with Chula Vista detectives.

Receive rewards:
MADD/DUI Award: Officer Ryan Culver
Detention Officer of the Year Award: Detention Officer Julian Valencia
Cadet of the Year Award: Josimar Gonzalez
Senior Volunteer of the Year Award: Sergeant Joe Young
Auto Theft Advisory Committee (ATAC) Agent of the Year Award: Officer Cody O’Riley
Auto Theft 10851 Award: Officers Cody O’Riley, Donald Truong, Henry Ingram Jr., Christopher Lawrence, Cody Horn
Proactive Narcotics Enforcement Award: Officers Henry Ingram Jr., Shane Coleman, James O’Mahony
Communication Operator of the Year Award: Miguel Armenta
San Diego Crime Stoppers “Enough Is Enough” Award: Officer Cody O’Riley
Community Policing Project of the Year Award: Officer Shane Coleman
Community Service Officer of the Year Award: CSO Angelle Menefee
Field Training Officer of the Year Award: Officer Jose Lizarraras-Diaz
Scottish Rite Award: Lieutenant Ernie Pinedo
VFW Award: Officer Henry Ingram Jr.
Lifesaving Awards: Officers Cody O’Riley, Sheena Ramirez, Ronnie Haus, Manny Padilla, Lt. Rusty Rea, SWC Officer David Felix, PERT Clinician Linda Dalton
San Diego Police Association “I Like A Cop” Award: Officer Evan Linney
Employee of the Year Award: Jennifer Shen, Director of the Crime Lab
Outstanding Citizen Service Award: Michel Lombrozo, Kass Hernandez
Department Outstanding Service Award: Dispatch Supervisor Rosa Slim, Senior Public Safety Analyst Sharyl Mesina, Forensic Specialist Tara Venn


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