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Non-bank loan on the card

There is probably no one who has not heard of non-bank loans or payday loans. Every now and then new companies are emerging that offer quick loans over the internet to almost anyone. The CreditRoyal Card is a new and interesting solution on the Polish non-bank services market. The CreditRoyal Card allows you to borrow […]

Loans without certificates

How much money can you borrow right away? This is the main question that people interested in loans without an income certificate ask themselves. The amounts are not very diverse when it comes to all companies operating on the market. The first loans without earnings certificates for new customers are granted in the range from […]

Credit without regular income

Getting a loan approved without a regular income from a lender is extremely difficult and requires not only some extra effort on the part of the applicant, but also additional collateral that it must provide. Whenever a loan without a regular income is requested by the borrower, the alarm bells ring at banks and credit […]

Credit despite rejection

  One thing has changed in the credit market in recent years: banks have become more cautious after the crisis, and collateral is less than a good credit rating, especially for small loans. This includes the obligatory credit bureau exam. In case of a negative result, a cancellation is preprogrammed. Nevertheless, the chances of a […]

Is it worth having a credit card?

Every bank offers them. They are a convenient, safe and fast way of cashless payment. Many customers cannot imagine shopping without using them. They have become, as once, a wallet with cash, one of the elements of our everyday shopping experience. Of course, we are talking about payment cards, which – depending on how the […]